Radhule Weininger, PhD

Mindfulness Meditation

Radhule Weininger, Ph.D., M.D., Mindfulness Meditation, Santa Barbara Healing SanctuaryRadhule Weininger has taught meditation and studied Buddhist psychology for 30 years. As a Licensed Clinical Psychologist also trained in dreamwork she has noted the ways in which dreamwork is particularly compatible with meditation practice.

Mindfulness is a practice to return body, emotions and mind to a state of balance. By focusing on the present moment through attending to sensations, by learning to witness emotions and thoughts, by allowing more spaciousness and therefore experiencing less reactivity, our psyche can come to a resting place. A good metaphor might be the rebooting of a computer, so it can come back into its default setting. One hypothesis behind the re-balancing is also that this triggers the endogenous healing response. In fact, there is now a lot of research data supporting the notion that mindfulness meditation is associated with positive health responses such as improved immune response, profound relaxation response, less pain, less anxiety and depression, less rumination around the illness, and a greater sense of inner well-being. Also, the greater ability to focus attention to the present moment works synergistically with dream-work. Mindfulness meditation works synergistically with other modalities offered in the healing sanctuary as well as having its own therapeutic effect.

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Magical Medical Tour 3: Mindful Medication from YogaHub on Vimeo.