Cheri Clampett, CYT

Therapeutic Yoga

Cheri Clampett, CYT, ERYT-500, Yoga PractitionerCheri Clampett is director of the Therapeutic Yoga Program and co-author of the Therapeutic Yoga Kit. Cheri has presented Therapeutic Yoga at Beth Israel Medical Center and Rusk Institute at NYU Medical Center. Currently she teaches yoga at the Cancer Center of Santa Barbara. She is passionate about bringing the healing benefits of yoga to those recovering from or living with illness or injury.

In ancient Greece, Asklepian temples were safe and sacred places people could visit to access healing wisdom within their mind and body. In the practice of Therapeutic Yoga, that same kind of environment is created and navigated into through the use of supported restorative poses, gentle yoga movements, breathing techniques, guided meditation, and a nurturing environment. The safety and support created by the practice provides a gateway to access stored emotions and wisdom in such a way that facilitates healing.