The Malinalco Healing Sanctuary

The Malinalco Healing Sanctuary opened August 14-24, 2013

Our Treatment Program Runs in Tandem with Conventional Medicine
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The Malinalco Healing Sanctuary

It is divided into 8-day healing incubation units 

“My first trip to Mexico will not be my last. I and all the participants were met personally in the Mexico City airport by Jill Fischer, The Malinalco Healing Sanctuary’s Clinical Director and then we were transported under her watchful eye by a local and knowledgeable driver to our amazing retreat setting.  A personal, English speaking guide was available for hire to accompany novice travelers to Mexico on wanderings through local sites.  Despite my anticipatory angst about traveling in Mexico, I couldn’t have felt more at ease.”

Donna Upchurch, 8/2013

Each unit consists of:

  • Nutrition – an individualized dietary cleansing program
  • Individual dreamwork for each of the eight days
  • Mindfulness Meditation
  • Individualized Therapeutic Yoga
  • Fine Arts
  • Embodied Imagination and Journaling
  • Body Work
  • Watsu (Water Therapy)
  • A variety of elective integrative therapies such as Acupuncture and Massage are offered.

Each unit has a central focus on dream incubation—for over one thousand years the primary medical modality of classical antiquity at the root of Western medicine. Dream incubation gives a dreamer access to forms of embodied intelligence far removed from our habitual consciousness, which are seen to correspond to the endogenous healing response present in every living system.

As a whole, our program is geared towards enhancing the innate ability of the body to heal itself. In the same way that conventional medicine attempts to eradicate illness, sanctuary medicine is designed to promote health. Based on the understanding that a combination of both works better than each individually, it has been the original principle of Western medicine that the eradication of illness and the promotion of health need to work in tandem.

At the end of each 8-day module a sustainable individualized health program is designed by our medical team, including the optimal uses of conventional as well as integrative medical modalities. Each 8-day module can be taken individually or as part of a programmatic series of healing retreats connected by private individualized treatment. 


Malinalco is outside a beautiful small Mexican village well known for its historic value. The Malinalco Healing Sanctuary is located on a private, safe, and beautifully protective residential estate. The legend says that Malinalco was founded by Malinaxochitl, the sister of Huitzilopochtli, the god of war…. There is a prehispanic pyramid in the mountains that surround the village and its’ beautiful Augustine convent with 12 chapels.

You will be coming in either May ( the dry season) or August, which is a warm greener season. The Sanctuary is on 10 acres of land. There is one main house and many smaller ones on the property. Everyone will have a private bedroom. A sitting room holds over 30 people, a large separate building (called the Abaton) is used for Yoga, body work, and is the place where the central dreaming sanctuary, as in ancient Greece, is located.  There is also a dining room, several terraces, a swimming pool and a medicine wheel, and with a Ceiba tree (Mayan sacred tree).

Program Dates – 2020:

November 15 – November 22 , 2020

For More Information

Call the Sanctuary’s Director of Clinical Services, Jill Fischer, PsyA, APRN, BC at 1-860-984-6429 or e-mail