Our Treatment Programs


November 15, to November 22, 2020

Our Program Runs in Tandem with Conventional Medical Treatment
The treatment is divided into units of 7 or 10-day healing incubation retreats. Each unit consists of nutrition and gourmet cooking lessons for an individualized diet, individual dreamwork, meditation, therapeutic yoga, art, aquatic therapy, creative writing, and dream theater, (a healing modality based on enacting dreams under the guidance of a professional theater director). A variety of elective integrative therapies such as acupuncture, massage and chiropractic will be offered. Each unit will have a central focus on dream incubation-for over one thousand years the primary medical modality of classical antiquity at the root of Western medicine. Dream incubation gives a dreamer access to forms of embodied intelligence far removed from our habitual consciousness, which are seen to correspond to the endogenous healing response present in every living system.

As a whole, our program is geared towards enhancing the innate ability of the body to heal itself. In the same way that conventional medicine attempts to eradicate illness, sanctuary medicine is designed to promote health. Based on the understanding that a combination of both works better than each individually, it has been the original principle of Western medicine that the eradication of illness and the promotion of health need to work in tandem.

At the end of each 7 or 10-day module a sustainable individualized health program will be designed by our medical team, including the optimal uses of conventional as well as integrative medical modalities. Each module can be taken individually or as part of a programmatic series of healing retreats connected by private individualized treatment.

Below is a link to a recent article about the SB Healing Sanctuary in Explore magazine.

Journal for Science and Healing
Year: 2012 Issue: Vol 8 | No. 6 | November-December 2012 | Pages 317-382

Meaning as a Healing Agent

By Bonnie Horrigan

During the past three decades, research and discoveries in neuroscience validate healing traditions that are thousands of years old, and show that the mind/body connection is indeed very real and very powerful. They point to new directions in the ways we think of and treat disease, and promote wellness. The Santa Barbara Healing Sanctuary is the first restoration in 1,500 years of an ancient form of Western medicine—the potent concentration of the meaning response by way of dreaming. And the people who participate are benefitting. Read more..