About the Santa Barbara Healing Sanctuary

We live in exciting and interesting times. Nowhere is this more true than in the fields of medicine and healing. Recent discoveries in neuroscience validate healing traditions that are thousands of years old, and show that the mind/body connection is indeed very real. They point to new directions in the ways we think of and treat disease, and promote wellness.

The ground-breaking work being done in this area has led a group of highly experienced clinicians, and other professionals to establish the Santa Barbara Healing Sanctuary program, a significant resource for those who wish to maintain optimal health. The Sanctuary s unique program is multi-faceted and multi-disciplinary. The SB Healing Sanctuary convenes for 10 days per session at a stunning mountain retreat in Santa Barbara overlooking the Pacific. Each of these sessions is coordinated for the participants by a team of professionals. Each participant receives a personalized treatment plan, which integrates cutting-edge medical support with proven therapies encompassing nutrition and cooking, meditation, creative arts, reflective writing, therapeutic yoga, acupuncture, aquatic therapy, and more.

What makes the Santa Barbara Healing Sanctuary program unique, distinguishing it from other integrative healing programs, is its emphasis on the healing potential of dreams. Dreams give individuals access to a form of intelligence originating deep inside the brainstem, where signals travel up to the cortex and down through the neuro-endocrine system to affect the body at a micro-cellular level. This activity, as natural and innate as the human heartbeat, has extraordinary therapeutic potential and is widely thought to trigger the body’s own self-healing response. The Santa Barbara Healing Sanctuary has been designed to maximize these effects.